Joining Northwest Colorado Snowmobile Club


Download the Application - print and fill it out. Send it to:
Northwest Colorado Snowmobile Club
PO Box 3
Craig, CO 81626

2017 -2018 Season - Dues
$30.00 per Individual per Year
$35.00 per Family per Year (Children under 18)
$45.00 per Business per Year
$65.00 for Business and Family Combined

Why should you join the Northwest Colorado Snowmobile Club?

* Automatic membership in the Colorado Snowmobile Association

* Receive the SNOW SCOOP news paper, published 4 times a year

* Sponsor and promote snowmobile safety education and avalanche training

* Coordinate a watchdog role for wilderness and land closures

* Provide scholarships for high school students

* "RIGHT TO RIDE" legal defense fund

* $3000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy to all members

* Access to CSA Mobile Wireless program

* Support the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Winter Recreation Expo

* Participate in the Border to Border Colorado Tour

* Business Sponsors are listed on the Northwest Colorado Snowmobile Club website, the Colorado Snowmobile Association website and the Snow Scoop

* Weekly organized rides

* Community Service Projects

* Maintain 107 miles of groomed trails

* Many more miles of marked trails

* Encourage groups to visit our area and support our Business Sponsors

* Member Moffat County Tourism Association

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